Insight and foresight

O&O Trends provides guidance on the current structure and performance of a number of media and entertainment sectors and the likely future direction of sector revenues and profits in an uncertain age. Our projections and forecasts are always based on a thorough understanding of growth drivers and sector dynamics based on direct experience of the relevant industries built up through project work.

O&O Trends provides five services:

> The TRACS Intelligence service
> Assessing Future Sector Prospects
> Spotting Market Opportunities
> Using Our Existing Models
> Ordering A Bespoke Model

The TRACS Intelligence service
O&O Trends can provide regular tracking of the five major forces for change relevant to each media sector:

  1. Technological innovation
  2. Regulatory reform
  3. Advertiser preferences
  4. Consumer tastes and preferences
  5. Sector structure and strategies.

More details of this service available on request.
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Assessing Future Sector Prospects
O&O Trends produces regular growth and profitability forecasts for the UK TV and TV content creation sectors based on specially commissioned consumer research and a thorough analysis of relevant trends. These forecasts are available as reports and data tables available for purchase. We have made a few available through this site to download.

O&O Trends has also provided bespoke forecasts for sectors such as the global film sector, the European football market and UK digital radio sector, on a commissioned or sponsored basis.
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Spotting Market Opportunities
O&O clients have often already decided on their overall strategy and just need some support in targeting the best execution opportunities in new national markets or in adjacent product and service markets. To help clients make their first moves in these directions they often want to know the basics of supply and demand, major players, and drivers of profitability along the supply chain.

O&O Trends provides this kind of market profiling and has conducted studies of the supply chain opportunities in European mobile content supply, the market entry prospects in UK commercial radio, expansion opportunities in European TV production, market entry opportunities for UK directories, and identifying the initial target markets for the global roll out of a thematic TV channels portfolio.
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Using Our Existing Models
O&O Trends has its own in-house suite of models covering the UK TV, on demand TV and broadband markets, and the UK radio market. Clients have used O&O’s models to test their own scenarios and assumptions, or, on occasion, have purchased an entire model from O&O along with support effort to help them understand and use the model.
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Ordering A Bespoke Model
O&O Trends has also built bespoke models of client companies and the markets in which they operate. O&O has recently built models of the UK digital radio market, the UK TV market, the Nordic TV market, a TV programme investment portfolio and the UK digital TV platform market for its clients.
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