Successful Strategy & Effective Policy

O&O Advisory specialises in solving clients’ most complex board level strategic challenges in the on demand digital media age. While the solutions to some of the challenges facing media and entertainment boards and investors are fairly straightforward, many are not. Often they involve trade offs between different short, medium and long term objectives and differing levels of risk and reward, plus knowledge of emerging and untested technologies and changing consumer tastes and business models. O&O Advisory specialises in helping to solve the most complex problems.

O&O Advisory focuses on six main services.

> Making Strategic Choices
> Assessing Investments and Options
> Supporting Corporate Deal Making
> Influencing Policy and Regulatory Decisions
> Providing Forensic Support and Expert Testimony
> Supporting Ventures

Making Strategic Choices
Since 1995 O&O has helped leading broadcasters, print media owners, entertainment content producers, sports organisations, TV platforms and online businesses make their crucial strategic decisions (diversification, acquisition, divestment, investment and consolidation). We have helped the boards of several large UK, US and continental European media and entertainment companies develop their overall strategy for rapidly changing times.
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Assessing Investments and Options
O&O backs up its strategic choice analysis with sophisticated financial modelling, risk appraisal and scenario building to help clients decide between a large number of options. O&O draws on its own suite of media industry models to help conduct this work which helps avoid mutually inconsistent assumptions.
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Supporting Corporate Deal Making
This has involved both the development of strategic advice to media and entertainment companies around specific acquisition identification and assessment, and the provision of commercial due diligence support both to corporate acquisition teams and leading private equity groups. O&O has conducted commercial due diligence on over 30 acquisitions in the TV broadcasting, TV production, radio, film distribution, sports agency, and new media sectors in the last 5 years. O&O has also been involved in the structuring and negotiation of major joint ventures.
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Influencing Policy and Regulatory Decisions
O&O has made a significant contribution to the development of public policy and regulation of the media related sectors working on evidence to, and analysis for, governments, policy units, regulators and tribunals at a UK and European level. O&O people are recognised as leading thinkers on the regulation of the media and much of O&O's work in this area has been published. Areas reviewed include radio ownership rules, digital TV platform access terms, the market impact of public service activities, the appropriate restrictions on advertising to children, the appropriate level and type of intervention in broadcasting and TV content creation markets.
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Providing Forensic Support and Expert Testimony
O&O has provided evidence to the Competition Commission, the European Commission, Ofcom, and the Office of Fair Trading as part of merger and competition reviews. O&O also provides expert testimony in competition cases and copyright and sports rights tribunals. We combine knowledge of the relevant economic tests applied by competition authorities and tribunals with a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the sectors which we cover.
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Supporting Ventures
O&O has helped media companies to find investors, investments, buyers, strategic partners and key personnel. We have then supported negotiations between these parties and their financial advisers. Our advice is based on our thorough understanding of a proposed partner’s or investor’s assets and objectives.
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