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Predictions for the 2019 Film Awards Season

In 2019 we created a data-driven model to examine the film awards season in an analytical light. Our prediction model assesses the potential chances of each nominee at an event by tracking their performance across the season at different awards via a points-based system. Point weightings are determined by the extent to which winners in past years have matched with each other, under the assumption that voting bodies, and their voting tendencies, remain broadly consistent year-on-year.

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The impact of the internet and digitalization on the European creative sector

Oliver & Ohlbaum has conducted a study with Analysys Mason examining the impact of the internet and digitalization on the European creative sector. We reviewed existing research, collated available data, and conducted interviews with industry stakeholders to develop a detailed view of the opportunities and challenges presented by the internet to the four core ‘copyright-led’ industries: television, film and video; music; books; video games – along with cultural institutions.

Our work suggests that, while the specific impacts vary by creative industry and by market, the internet and digitalization have had a positive impact on the European creative sector overall. The data show that both revenue and employment increased between 2011 and 2015 by 6.2 per cent and 4.8 per cent respectively. The specific impacts can be thought of in three broad areas:

• reduced production and distribution costs;
• increased competition leading to new business models; and
• benefits to consumers and content creators.

Our report sets out the overarching trends in the creative sector in terms of revenue and employment, before examining the specific impact areas for each of the industries in turn.

Click here to read our report in full and here to see market-specific infographics.

Figure: The impact of the internet and digitalization on the European creative sector. [Source: Analysys Mason and Oliver & Ohlbaum 2017]


The UEFA Champions League: Time For A New Formation

In August 2016, we published a report, entitled The UEFA Champions League: Time for a new formation. The report explores what really matters to fans, what the options are for UEFA and how great the opportunity is to extract more value. This is an update to the O&O report published in 1999 – Superleagues and Superclubs – compiled in response to the last serious attempt to lure top clubs into a superleague which influenced reforms by UEFA to Europe’s top competitions.

Click here to read our report in full.